Current Events


This is an experimental exhibition that seeks to reflect the actions our collective bodies have taken through different types of protest and expression. We are interested in thoughts made visible—concerns and civic calls for action alongside earnest or humorous demands for sanity.

Focusing primarily on the poster or the protest sign as the medium of choice, the show materials extend to protest T-shirts, and other ephemera that capture our collected political angst. A closing reception will be held on Saturday, May 6 at Black Ball Projects, located at 374 Bedford Ave., Southside Williamsburg Brooklyn, NYC.

Items will all be added to the walls of the gallery on a continual basis, from the opening to the closing of the exhibition. We look forward to presenting the multiplicity of visual protest seen since the dawn of the Trump era.

And finally, this show will culminate in a small catalogue or “zine.” We like to think that this will serve as a historical document in some small way. All work will be photographed (and credited) upon arrival and we aim to have this catalogue/zine available by closing day, Saturday May 6.